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Tips for Success During Final Exams

Tips and Resources

You'are almost there, Buccaneers! While final exams can be stressful, they also mean that the term is almost complete. To help you finish strong, we have a few tips to get ready for final exams:

Check your syllabus and be sure you know when and where your exam will be held. Reach out to your professor to discuss the material that will be covered on the exam, how the test will be graded, and how much it counts toward your overall grade. Find out what supplies you may need so you can purchase those in advance and don’t need to scramble the day of the exam.

Schedule your study time for the locations and times of day when you can best focus. If you’re having trouble concentrating, remember that short, frequent study breaks can help you refocus. You may also reach out to your classmates and see if they would like to study or review the material as a group.

As a Blinn student, you have a wealth of academic resources available to help you in your academic journey. At our  campus libraries , you have access to books, DVDs, articles, databases, and a wealth of research tools. At the  Learning Centers , you can study, use state-of-the-art computer labs and educational technology, and get one-on-one assistance from Blinn tutors. At Blinn’s  Writing Centers , you can access the tools that make your papers shine, and with  tutors available online and on campus, you always have access to academic support.

Taking care of your body is also good for your mind. Eating healthy leading into exams will make your body feel better and fuel your mind. Limit your caffeine so that you are alert, not wired, and be sure to get plenty of sleep. When you sleep for at least 7-8 hours, your brain absorbs information better and it’s easier to recall the information you studied.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself as you head into final exams. Whether it’s a special meal, a small purchase, or even listening to a favorite song, you’re worth it!

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