Before Meeting With an Academic Advisor

How to make your next steps more productive and what needs to be completed before meeting with an Academic Advisor

  1. Students should have the following information completed before making an appointment or walking in to see an advisor.
  2. Blinn College recommends that all students speak to an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. The following situations (which mandate registration holds) require a student to meet with an academic advisor before registering for courses :
    • Students who are not college-ready (those who don't meet one or more of the benchmarks on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment).
    • Students on academic probation.
    • Students on scholastic suspension

Self Search - Quick Question Options

You can find many answers to your questions by reviewing our web pages:

  1. Email the Academic Advising office:
  2. Go to the Advising FAQs
  3. Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA or TSI) information and exemptions.
  4. See a list of Registration holds.
  5. Watch a video on How to register for classes.
  6. Watch a video on How to register for paired math or English classes.
  7. Get information on transferring to a university

Agreements Blinn College has with Universities (Articulation Agreements)

Transferring to a 4-year College or University

Quick Question Advising Call Back Queue for the following services limited to 5 minutes or less

  • Change of Campus form
  • How to request or send transcripts
  • How to request or send test scores
  • Hold Explanation
  • Registration errors
  • How to add/drop a class
  • Testing information such as scores and how to contact the Testing Center
  • Deadlines
  • How to make an appointment on the website or using the QLess app
  • Final exam schedules
  • How to apply for graduation.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

Blinn College Advising uses QLess to manage all contact whether in person, appointment, walk in, or as a call back.

There are two options for contacting the Academic Advising office:

  1. Download the QLess app on your Apple Devices or Android Devices for easy access to Blinn College Advising queues and Blinn College Financial Aid queues and for making appointments.

    Once downloaded, search for Blinn College Advising and select a campus or service.
  2. Use the links below.

You will only see queues or ways to contact advising when they are available. Walk in or Call Back queues will no longer be accessible when they have reached peak capacity for the day. Appointments can be made up to 72 hours (3 days) in advance. Monday appointments become available Friday mornings.

Ways to be Advised by an Academic Advisor

Do you want to be advised, but want to avoid meeting in person or on the phone with an academic advisor? Are you detail-oriented and follow written instructions well? Are you attentive and monitor your Blinn College email? Remote Advising can work for you.

  1. After you complete the Remote Advising form, all responses will be sent to your Blinn College email address and may require additional responses from you. 
  2. You will receive a response in 1-5 days. Wait for the response. Do not contact Advising to meet with an advisor in another format. 
  3. Conditions when using Remote Advising.
    1. You must have applied to Blinn College and have access to your myBLINN account. 
    2. You must be considered college ready.
    3. You must be in good academic standing. 
    4. All interaction will be electronic and limited. We will create a degree plan for your unique educational goals. 

Submit the Remote Advising Form

You will only see queues or ways to contact advising if they are available. Once the queue is full for the day it will not be seen as an option. The best way to be advised is to either make an in person or remote (Zoom or phone) appointment for Brenham/Bryan. TEAM and RELLIS offer remote (Zoom or phone) appointments.

Download the QLess app on your Apple Devices or Android Devices for easy access to Advising and Financial Aid queues and for making appointments. 

Once downloaded, search for Blinn College Advising and select a queue. 


Visit one of the Buccaneer Advising Queues to make an appointment for advising.  Our convenient system allows you to make online appointments for an in person or remote (Zoom or phone) appointment.

Bryan Campus Advising 

Brenham Campus Advising

RELLIS Campus and TEAM students

Appointments only

  • Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Please call to set-up a time for an advising appointment
    • Schulenburg: 979-743-5200
    • Sealy: 979-627-7997

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Contact Information

  • Brenham Campus
  • Bryan Campus
  • RELLIS Campus
  • Schulenburg Campus
  • Sealy Campus