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Step 2: Selecting Courses

Once the student has determined the level of degree and major or career interest, the next step is to determine the courses needed and select the first semester of courses to complete.

Certificates & Degrees have a prescribed set of courses that are referred to as degree plans. To access your degree plans, click on one of the applicable links:

Occupational Skills Awards
Workforce Education
Associates of Applied Science Degree
Associates of Art Degree or Associates of Science Degree

Once a student has their degree plan, the student may consider it a checklist of courses to take. Students need to review Course Descriptions to become aware of course prerequisites. Some courses must be taken in a specific sequence.

When choosing classes for a semester, students need to identify if they will be part-time or full-time. An average full-time student enrolls in 12-15 credit hours.
Example of Credit Hours

ENGL 1 301 is a 3 credit hour course. BIOL 1 406 is a 4 credit hour course. By looking at the second digit in the course number, a student is able to determine how many credit hours the course is worth.

With this information, students should be able to select courses from the degree plans to take for a semester.