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Step 4: Checking Your Academic Progress

Degree Status
Students should check his or her degree status on a regular basis. This can easily be done by reviewing a degree audit. This report shows which requirements have already been completed and which remain unsatisfied. It may be helpful in showing how completed or in-progress courses may be used in different degree programs by using the “What If” process. The degree audit is not intended to replace a student’s contact with academic advisors, but as a tool to determine which courses are needed to satisfy an associate degree.

Students can access a Degree Audit through the myBLINN student portal. Click on the “Student Links” tab. Then click on the “Degree Works” link.

Academic Standing
Degree Works also assists students with identifying his or her academic standing, and can calculate a student’s GPA.

Cumulative Blinn GPA 2.0 or higher = Good Academic Standing
Cumulative Blinn GPA below 2.0 for 1 semester = Academic Probation
Cumulative Blinn GPA below 2.0 for 2 semesters in a row = Scholastic Suspension

For further information about the consequences of Academic Probation and Scholastic Suspension, view this link.