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Step 1: Choosing a Path and Major

Blinn offers a variety of educational paths for students. Two questions a student must ask are how much time is the student willing to invest in college, and what major or interest area does the student want to pursue. Review the options below.

6 months or less
Occupational Skills Awards
Workforce Education
6 months to 1 year
2 years

Associates of Applied Science Degree
This is a technical degree awarded through the Division of Technical and Workforce Education. These degrees are designed to teach specific career/technical skills and prepare graduates to enter the workforce.

2 years or more
Associates of Art Degree or Associates of Science Degree
These degrees can give students a good start before transferring to a four-year college/university. These academic degrees provide a solid foundation through a traditional liberal arts education and are designed specifically for those students who plan to transfer to a Texas four-year institution. Both of these degrees include the core curriculum. Studies include the humanities, social sciences, communication, mathematics, and science. If you have selected a major, you can include major courses into these degrees or you may concentrate in a major area of study after you transfer during your junior and senior years. Note: The only difference between these two degrees is the AS requires one additional math course in place of an academic elective.

Transfer to a University
Students must make sure his or her major is offered at the university or college he or she is transferring to. Please click on the above link to gain information about how to choose a university or college and tips on transferring successfully. Make sure to view degree plans to ensure everything will transfer. Stay in contact with the intended transfer institution to stay up to date on any changes made.

Not sure what to choose? Visit Career Services!

Step 2: Selecting Courses