Academy - Brenham Benefits

Students accepted to the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham will participate in a living and learning community, allowing participants to live in Mill Creek Hall on campus, and take their first-year math, science, and engineering courses together. Texas A&M engineering courses will be taught on the Brenham Campus by Texas A&M faculty.

Upon acceptance to the Engineering Academy, regardless of campus, students will be required to complete all admission requirements for both Blinn and Texas A&M by the respective deadlines of each institution.

Benefits of the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn-Brenham include:

  • Optional early entry to an engineering major at Texas A&M upon completion of the required math sequence (Calculus I, II and III) for the desired major, or when the math requirement for the engineering area of interest is met.

  • The opportunity to enroll in engineering courses previously reserved only for students admitted to the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

  • The opportunity to participate in all student activities and organizations to the fullest extent possible at both institutions, as well as NJCAA sports, if taking at least 12 hours at Blinn (in addition to Texas A&M classes).

  • Taking math, science, and engineering courses with the same students and developing a community of engineering academic peers.

  • Enrolling in quality Blinn courses with smaller student-faculty ratios.

  • An economical pathway to Texas A&M University, with a savings of approximately $3,000 per semester for students taking 15 credit hours.

  • Guaranteed full admission to Texas A&M University upon timely completion of all program requirements (an admission application and fee is not required).*

* Engineering Academy students who choose to transfer to Texas A&M prior to completing the program requirements will be considered for full admission on the same basis as all transfer students.