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Student Resources

Academic Advising
Meeting with an academic advisor is a great way to help students begin the decision making process for selecting the correct courses for the student’s academic goals. Setting your academic goals will help ensure student success toward completion of courses, certificates or degree programs, or possible transfer to a college or university. Whether you have chosen an academic or technical path of study, Blinn College can help you reach your goal.

Assistive Technology
Assistive technology and adaptive equipment are available for your use in some of Blinn’s campus Libraries and Learning Centers.

Blinn College now offers free downloads for JAWS/ZoomText/Fusion for Blinn College students.


Computer Labs
The Open Computer Lab is a computer support facility that supplements all divisions of Blinn College. It provides services and resources to aid student's academic success at the collegiate level.

Handicap-Accessible Transportation
To ensure that all Blinn College students have the opportunity to participate in College activities, Blinn College Transportation Services offers handicap-accessible transportation upon request.

Mental Health Counseling
Welcome to Blinn College! The counseling experience is designed to help you facilitate growth and change in your life. Counseling Services provides short-term counseling and crisis intervention services to students within the limits of its resources. Counseling can help improve self-awareness, relationships, decision making and your overall well-being.

Many students encounter various challenges throughout their college career that require personal counseling. We provide free and confidential counseling by professional counselors to all currently enrolled Blinn students.

Service & Assistance Animals Blinn College is committed to compliance with state and federal laws regarding individuals with disabilities.

Student's Rights and Responsibilities: Real-Time Transcription
After being approved and granted accommodations for your disability, you need to be aware of the rights you have regarding these accommodations. Likewise, you also need to understand your responsibilities that go with the accommodations.

The Learning Center (Bryan Campus)

The Bryan Learning Center (LC) is an academic support facility that supplements all Divisions of Blinn College.
Rules for Using the Learning Center

Services Offered
The Bryan Learning Center exists to serve the students and faculty of Blinn College. We strive to provide support services and resources that help students and faculty achieve academic success.

The Learning Center (Brenham campus)

The Brenham Learning Center is a place where a student can find qualified academic assistance and appropriate resources to meet the challenges of his or her college curriculum. It is also a skills development laboratory designed to help a student succeed no matter his or her background and previous educational experience. The ultimate goal of the BLC is to instill confidence in the students it serves and assist them in becoming independent learners who rely on their own strengths and abilities.

The Writing Center
The Writing Center at Blinn College is designed to help students improve their written communication skills. We offer one-on-one tutoring with our professional writing consultants. We want students to get the most out of their education while in school. Use the links to the left to learn more about what The Writing Center can do for you!

Writing Center

Learning Center - RELLIS

The Learning Center at the RELLIS campus offers a variety of educational resources to help students succeed, including the Library, Learning Center, and Writing Center.

Please find the hours of operation and other information at the RELLIS Educational Resources page.