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Online Tutoring

The Blinn College District provides all enrolled students access to academic assistance through a partnership with Upswing, an online tutoring platform.

Get Started

  1. Access the Blinn College Virtual Success Center.
  2. Select Log In Now.
  3. Log in using your Blinn ID and password.
  4. Select Meet with a Tutor to search for a subject or tutor.

Meet with a tutor

  1. Use the search bar at the top to search for a subject, specific course, or tutor name.

Search for a coach

  1. Select your tutor from the search results to see their profile, qualifications, star rating, and tutoring schedule.

Coach profile

  1. Next, you can message the tutor, schedule a session, or, if available, enter an immediate session.
  2. After you schedule or begin an immediate session, you will receive a request to enter the Virtual Learning Classroom.

Upcoming session

  1. Once your session is about to start, click Go to Room in your coming session section on your profile. When you enter, your tutoring session will begin.

Virtual learning classroom

Contact Information

Joyce Langenegger
Executive Director of Academic Success