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Interpreting Services

  1. To receive interpreting or transcription services, students must submit documentation and be approved by the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Upon approval, a student must request these services in person or by email. Accommodations for the deaf or hard of hearing include, but are not limited to: note-taking assistance, preferential seating, sign language interpreters or transcription services and extended time testing.
  2. Documentation for the deaf and hard of hearing students may include, but is not limited to:
    • Most recent audiology report and audiogram with clear diagnosis and functional limitations
    • Recommendation for academic accommodations
    • Certificate of deafness from the State of Texas
  3. To receive interpreting or transcription services, students must contact a counselor with the ODS at least three weeks before the semester begins, place a request for services for the upcoming semester and provide a current schedule. This process must be followed so we can efficiently provide services and accommodations on the first day of class. If a student makes any changes to their schedule, they must notify the staff with ODS. Upon notification, a counselor will make appropriate contact with our vendor to schedule interpreting or transcription services.
  4. Students are responsible for the following when utilizing interpreting/transcription services:
    • Contacting a ODS counselor by phone or email 48 hours before class for notification of any absences. Any significant changes in student’s schedules must be made in advance.
    • Communicate any absences to an ODS counselor by email or phone. It is not acceptable to text or call ODS with last minute changes or cancellations.
    • Follow the no show/no call policy. Students are allowed two no show/no calls per class per semester. On the third no show/no call, the student will be required to consult with the Director of The Office of Disability Services (ODS).
      • The ODS understands that situations can arise at the last minute that may prevent a student from attending a class. Therefore, the ODS allows 3 “No-Shows” per class, per semester before interpreting services are cancelled for that class. A “No-Show” is defined as any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice.
      • After the third “No-Show” in a class, interpreting services for that specific class will be suspended until you meet with the ODS Director to reinstate services. After the fourth “No-Show” in a class, services for that specific class will be canceled for the remainder of the semester. Special circumstances may be presented to the Director in order to reinstate services. After the meeting, services may be reinstated for the class. If you have any questions regarding the “No-Show” policy contact the ODS Director.
    • Submit an interpreting service request for services outside of the classroom. Interpreter requests intended for academic purposes outside of the classroom must be requested at least a three weeks in advance. Requests submitted with less than three weeks' notice are not guaranteed. Interpreter requests for events lasting longer than three hours require at least four weeks’ notice to determine appropriate accommodations. Events outside of Bryan/College Station will be considered on a case-by-case basis and availability of interpreting services in the area. Remember the no show/no call policy applies to these requests as well.
    • If interpreting services is not available, other appropriate aids will be considered.