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Duddlesten Scholarships

With the support of the Wayne Duddlesten Foundation, students enrolled in Blinn College District Associate of Applied Science and career and applied technology, workforce, and economic development programs can receive Duddlesten Scholarships to support their educational journey. Scholarships are available for both credit and non-credit programs. To be eligible, students must:

Enroll in an Associate of Applied Science or workforce training program at Blinn.

Students must have a Blinn ID to apply for the scholarship. To obtain a Blinn ID begin the registration process by completing the non-credit application. Students with a Blinn ID can go directly to apply for the Duddlesten Scholarship. All requirements for each program must be met before registration can be completed.

Registration and payment must be completed before scholarship eligibility can be determined.

  1. Eligible programs:
  2. Apply for the Duddlesten Scholarship.
  3. Upon award of the scholarship, the Financial Aid office will contact the student with other instructions.
  4. Write a thank-you letter after the scholarship has been awarded.

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and award amounts vary by program.

Apply for the Duddlesten Scholarship

*If you are staff attending Blinn and wanting to apply for the Duddlesten Scholarship please contact for an application.