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Temporary/Replacement Permits

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are issued upon request to help students with short-term issues such as vehicle repairs. The student must have already purchased a current official parking permit in order to receive a temporary permit. Students assigned a temporary permit must park according to their official permit.

The temporary permit must be hung from the rearview mirror. Hangtags must not be obstructed from view, and the permit information should always face the windshield. To obtain a temporary permit, visit the Blinn College Police Parking Department or call 979-830-4600.

Replacement Permits

The cost of a replacement permits in the event it is lost or stolen is full price. Stolen or vandalized parking permits must be reported to Campus Police as soon as possible. Possession of a stolen parking permit is grounds for disciplinary action.

If you purchase a new vehicle and would like to transfer your current permit to that vehicle, please bring your original permit to the Blinn College Police Parking Department to request a replacement for your new vehicle.