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Student Parking

All student parking permits must be purchased online. Please order your permit by selecting the "Parking Permit" icon on your myBLINN page. Commuter permits will be mailed to the address on file in the portal. Resident permits will be handed out on move-in day. Permits purchased online will have the option to print out a temporary permit until the official permit is received. Students parking on campus without a valid permit are subject to parking enforcement regulations.

Students parking a vehicle on Blinn College Campuses (Campus' street boundaries included) must register their vehicle and purchase a parking permit before parking a vehicle on campus. Brenham, Bryan and Schulenburg Campuses require vehicle registration and parking permits. The Sealy Campus requires no vehicle registration or parking permits at this time. Exception – Bryan Campus students utilizing Pay-By-Space parking.

Vehicle and parking permit registration must be completed online through the Blinn Parking Portal. Students can access the Parking Portal through their myBLINN account or by clicking the button below. You will be able to access your Parking Portal account the day after you register for classes.

Request a Parking Permit

Vehicle and Parking Permit Registration Fees
Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters $235.00
Spring/Summer Semesters $145.00
Summer Semester Only $85.00
May/Winter Minimester No Permit Required

Permits registered and paid through the Parking Portal for students commuting to the Brenham, Bryan, and Schulenburg Campuses (not on-campus residents) will be mailed to the address provided upon registering. Permits will not be available for pickup.

Students living on the Brenham Campus must register their vehicles through the Parking Portal and are required to obtain a Residence Hall Permit. Permits will be issued during designated housing move-in dates.

Students purchase their permit through the Parking Portal.

Parking Interior Decal - must be properly affixed (not taped) on the inside, in the lower right corner (passenger side) of the front windshield (opposite of the vehicle inspection sticker)

Parking Hangtag - must be hung from the rearview mirror with the permit number facing the front windshield

Motorcycle Permit - must be displayed on the license plate or on the windshield

  • Parking and traffic regulations are always in effect.
  • Permits will only be issued to the student, and are not transferable to any other person.
  • Students must park according to the permit issued and are not permitted to park in faculty/staff lots, reserved, numbered, or visitor spaces.
  • The registered owner of each permit is responsible for all parking citations incurred when utilizing the permit for compliance with Blinn College District parking policies. 
  • The parking citation fine per violation is $50.00. Multiple violations may be assessed.
  • Vehicles may be subject to towing.
  • You may register one vehicle/permit per semester in the Parking Portal. To register additional vehicles, you must call 979-830-4600 or email
  • If you purchase a new vehicle and would like to transfer your permit to that vehicle, please bring your original permit to the Blinn College Police Parking Department to request a replacement permit.
  • Report stolen or vandalized parking permits to Campus Police as soon as possible. Possession of a stolen permit is grounds for disciplinary action.