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Enrollment Guidelines

Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn First Steps:

When a student accepts their admissions offer with Texas A&M University, application information will automatically be sent to Blinn College District. Do not submit an application to Blinn.

Students will register for their Blinn and A&M classes when they attend their Texas A&M New Student Conference (NSC). To ensure a student can register for a full schedule at the NSC, students must complete their admission files complete for both schools.

*Before Attending a Texas A&M NSC and Registering for Classes:

  1. Confirm offer of admissions with Texas A&M by registering for a Texas A&M NSC.
  2. Students will receive their Blinn ID within a week after confirming their offer of admissions with Texas A&M. Note: Students should add to their safe senders list and monitor their spam folder.
  3. Upon high school graduation, submit a final official high school transcript to Blinn College.
  4. Students must send current copies of their official college transcript (if applicable). The final official college transcript should be submitted to Blinn College once courses are completed.
  5. Students must submit evidence of vaccination against bacterial meningitis.
  6. Log into your Blinn email account with your Blinn username and password
  7. Be sure to study for the Texas A&M Math Placement Exam (MPE). This exam will determine a student’s placement into either Precalculus or Calculus I.
  8. Attend the Texas A&M NSC. Students will register for Blinn courses at their NSC.

*This checklist details the requirements for Blinn only. Refer to the Texas A&M Applicant Information System (AIS) and "Now That You Are Admitted" booklet for items needed by Texas A&M.

Prior to classes starting:

  1. Students must pay all tuition and fees by Blinn's payment deadlines listed on the academic calendar.
  2. Student must send their final high school transcript (graduation date must be included) and official college transcript (if applicable).