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Benefits of Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn

Benefits include:

  • Being co-enrolled at Texas A&M University and Blinn
  • Smaller student-faculty ratios in courses taken at Blinn, including math and science courses, which build the foundation knowledge required in engineering
  • Opportunities for on-campus housing at Texas A&M, the purchase of a sports pass, option to attend Texas A&M Fish Camp, participation in student activities, the Corps of Cadets, Greek Life, etc. (participation in NCAA athletics is not permitted)
  • The opportunity to enroll in engineering courses previously reserved only for students admitted to the Texas A&M College of Engineering.
  • Taking first-year math, science, and engineering courses with the same students to form a learning community to increase student success
  • Substantial financial savings averaging $1,500 per semester.
  • Optional early entry to an engineering major at Texas A&M upon completing the required math sequence (Calculus I, II, and III) for the desired major, or when the math requirement for the engineering area of interest is met.
  • Automatic admission to the first choice engineering major at the end of the second semester for engineering students who earn a minimum 3.75 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at both Blinn and Texas A&M and complete the required coursework.
  • Guaranteed full admission to Texas A&M University upon timely completion of all program requirements.*

* Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn students who choose to transfer to Texas A&M prior to completing the program requirements will be considered for full admission on the same basis as all transfer students.