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Financial Aid Book Voucher FAQs

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Students can view their book voucher amount by accessing the Financial Aid/Veterans Dashboard in myBLINN. If eligible, the amount appears at the top of the Home Page of the Financial Aid Dashboard.

  • Login to your myBLINN
  • Click on "Financial Aid/Veterans Dashboard"
  • If eligibile, book voucher amount will appear at the top of your home page.
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The amount depends on the expected amount of financial aid funding remaining after all charges are paid, normally not to exceed $1,200. Changes made to students’ enrollment, or charges added to their account (ex. parking permit, housing charges, etc.) will affect the amount available on the book voucher.

No. The staff can view your book voucher information online. However, your Blinn ID, or other valid photo ID, and your Blinn ID number are required to make purchases.

No. You can make several purchases at the bookstore through the day of record (12th class day of fall/spring semesters and 4th class day of summer terms) or until you have spent the full voucher amount — whichever comes first.

You will only be charged for the amount that you spend at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

Book vouchers are offered each semester to students who meet the eligibility criteria for that semester. Each voucher is specific to the semester it was offered.

If you decide not to the use the voucher, you will receive the funds in the form of a financial aid refund.

Yes. You can use your bookstore voucher to pay for your textbook rentals.

However, you will still need to keep a credit card on file with the bookstore in order to rent a book.

You can rent textbooks in the store or online.

Required and recommended textbooks, including digital textbooks (eTextbook), along with course supplies such as calculators, pens, pencils and paper. You can also purchase technology items like tablets, laptops and other devices. Vouchers can also be used to purchase reference books, text exam books and study aids.

Yes. When you complete your order, please select the payment type "Financial Aid." Enter your Student ID Number for the store to complete your order.

If your order total is greater than your bookstore voucher award amount, please choose a second form of payment from the options on the site.

The amount of the book voucher is based upon an estimate of the financial aid that is to be received by the student and the number of hours the student has enrolled in. Any changes to your course registration, housing charges, financial aid, can affect the book voucher amount.

Check your student account summary and your financial aid awards in your myBLINN to review your student account balance.

Changes to your financial aid that result in funds being reduced or removed may affect your book voucher.

Book voucher purchases made before changes in your award package or fee assessment may result in a balance on your student account.