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Deans' Council

Karla Flanagan, M.B.A. - Dean, Applied Technology, Workforce, and Economic Development
Brandon Franke, M.A. - Dean, Social Sciences
Elmer Godeny, Ph.D. - Dean, Natural and Physical Sciences
Max Hibbs, M.S. - Dean, Engineering, Computer Technology, and Innovation
April Kinkead, Ph.D. - Dean of Humanities
Charles Smith, Ph.D. - Dean of Business and Mathematics
Michelle Trubenstein, M.H.A. - Dean, Health Sciences
Debbi Vavra, MA. - Dean, Arts, Kinesiology, and Agriculture

Executive Leadership

Marcelo Bussiki, D.M.A. - Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Jay Anderson, M.A. - Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences, Technical Education, and Community Programs