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Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission Statement

The Blinn College District's Radiologic Technology Program prepares competent and professional entry-level radiographers able to meet the needs of the healthcare community.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

JRCERT Program Goals and Associated Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Student will demonstrate clinical competency.

SLO 1.1 Student will demonstrate clinical course progression.

SLO 1.2 Student will demonstrate positioning skills necessary to achieve a diagnostic image on the clinical competency exam.

Goal 2: Student will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

SLO 2.1 Student will select optimal technical factors.

SLO 2.2 Student will determine corrective measures for images.

Goal 3: Student will demonstrate professionalism.

SLO 3.1 Student will demonstrate professional conduct.

SLO 3.2 Student will provide patient-centered, clinically effective care for all patients regardless of age, gender, disability, special needs, ethnicity, or culture.

Goal 4: Student will demonstrate effective communication skills.

SLO 4.1 Student will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

SLO 4.2 Student will demonstrate effective written communication skills.