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Resources and Computer Services

The Learning Center offers an expansive range of resources and technology to support students in their academic pursuits. All students are required to present a current photo ID to access and check out these resources.

Available Resources for Checkout

  • Calculators (For in-class use, students must provide a current photo ID along with car keys, or cell phone. These items will be held at the counter until the calculator is returned.)
  • Headphones
  • Flash drives
  • Lab goggles
  • Microscopes and slides
  • Textbooks
  • Computers

*Please note, excluding calculators, all resources are exclusively for use within the Learning Center.

Computing Facilities

The Learning Center is outfitted with a vast array of computers, all operating on Windows OS and installed with Microsoft Office. In addition to the standard software suite, specific workstations are enhanced with specialized software relevant to Blinn courses. Our computers have full internet access.

Resources and Computer Services

To check out a graphing calculator, students must leave a current photo ID and either their cell phone or car keys with the Learning Center staff. Calculators must be returned before the end of the day.

Yes, you can print from any of the computers as long as you are a currently registered Blinn student. Simply log onto the computer using your student credentials and print as normal. Or, if you are having trouble, please ask for assistance from the staff at your respective Learning Center.

Yes, the Learning Center is considered an open computer lab. You can log onto and use any of the computers for any purpose if you abide by the Blinn policy.

Brenham Campus

Location: Academic Bldg. Rm 13,
Phone: 979-830-4442

Bryan Campus

Location: Library Bldg. Rm C217
Phone: 979-209-7267 | 979-209-7254
Fax: 979-209-7245


Location: Schwatrz Bldg. Rm 175
Phone: 979-209-8956