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EMT Coursework Overview

Interested in becoming an EMT?

The Blinn College District EMT courses are a state-approved coursework that qualifies students to become EMT-Basic certified.

This one-semester coursework consists of six credit hours that prepare students for certification by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and the Texas Department of State Health Services. The EMT coursework is an open-enrollment training program; however, prospective students must meet EMT testing requirements.

The EMT courses are offered at the RELLIS Campus in Bryan. Students are required to enroll in the lecture, lab, and clinical courses simultaneously.

EMT Courses

Course Description Credits
EMSP 1501 Emergency Medical Technician (lecture) 5.00
EMSP 1501 Emergency Medical Technician (lab) 0.00
EMSP 1160 Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (clinical) 0.00

EMSP 1501 (lecture) will prepare students for the didactic portion of the class. The lab component of EMSP 1501 meets one day a week and prepares students for the psychomotor portion of the program.


EMSP 1160 will meet one time per week and prepares the student for the clinical rotations required to complete the EMT training. Clinical rotations are completed outside of class time and are designed for the student to gain hands-on, practical knowledge while working with patients in a clinical setting. Students are required to participate in 96 clinical hours in the following areas:

The student is required to ride third on an ambulance while under the supervision of a clinical preceptor. The student will be required to have hands-on participation in a minimum of five Basic Life Support (BLS) transports to a higher level of care.

The student is required to work in the Emergency Department under the supervision of the ER staff. The student will be required to encounter a certain number of patients with various illnesses/injuries in a variety of age categories while performing skills at the EMT level.

Program Notes

Students are required to maintain 80% or higher average in their courses in order to be eligible for clinical rotations. Students must also achieve 80% or higher on the comprehensive final exam in order to be eligible for the certification exam.

Students are required to wear an EMS-style uniform to class and maintain a professional attitude and appearance. Although only seven credit hours, the EMT Program is considered a time-intensive course due to its clinical rotation requirements.

Approximate EMT Coursework Cost

Approximate EMT Coursework Cost
Tuition and Fees (Out of District, In-State) - 7hrs $1,352.00
Health Sciences Programs Fee $300.00
EMS Fees – Scheduling & Liability $63.00
Book: Prehospital Emergency Care 11th Ed. $142.80
Clinical & Lab Software (FISDAP) $31.50
Clinical Packet – Copy Stop $25.00
Castle Branch – Background Check & Drug Screen $88.40
Uniform Polo – Program Purchase $70.00
Uniform T-shirt – Program Purchase $10.00 optional
Uniform: Pants/Boots/Belt – various retailers $150.00 cost is approximate
Required Immunizations prices will vary depending on items needed

Refer to immunization requirements: Students should have all immunizations completed by the first day of class.

Approximate Total $2,159.20
National Registry Test $80.00 after successful course completion
DSHS $64.00 after successful course completion
Fingerprinting-DSHS $50.00 after successful course completion
Total $194.00

*This approximation is based on EMS Program costs only, and does not include tuition for additional academic classes. Prices are subject to change without notification.