Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences Program Job Information

Opportunities Therapeutics Manufacturing Level One Certificate Therapeutics Manufacturing AAS Degree Level One Certificate Therapeutics Manufacturing Advanced Technical Certificate *

Commissioning, Qualification and Validation

Cleaning Validation Technician  
Facilities Systems Qualification Technician / Specialist
Process Systems Qualification Technician
Process Validation Technician


Cell Culture Specialist    
Cell Culture Technician
Downstream Manufacturing Specialist - Biologics    
Downstream Manufacturing Technician - Biologics
Final Recovery and Purification Specialist    
Upstream Manufacturing Specialist - Biologics  
Upstream Manufacturing Technician - Biologics

Quality Assurance

Document Control Technician
Internal and External Audit Technician
Quality Assurance Associate

Quality Control

Environmental Monitoring Specialist    
Environmental Monitoring Technician
Quality Control Laboratory Technician, Analytics
Quality Control Laboratory Technician, Microbiology

Research and Development

Process Development Associate
Process Development Specialist
Process Development Technician
Research Specialist
Research Technician


1If the student has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or a combination of job experience and academic training, then all job titles may be considered.

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