Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are those in which the donor specifies the person who will receive the funding. The donor may be someone the student knows, such as the student's employer or their church, or the scholarship may be funded through a separate private program.

If a student has an outside scholarship, the following steps need to take place for the process to flow smoothly for the student:

The donor needs to send the scholarship check to:

Blinn College
Attention: Scholarship Advisor
902 College Avenue
Brenham, Texas 77833

If the donor sends the check anywhere other than to the Financial Aid Office, the process will be delayed. Checks for outside scholarships should NOT be sent to the Blinn Business Office.

  • The donor must include:
    *recipient name.
    *recipient ID and/or social security number.
    *the semester the scholarship is for.
  • Once this information has been received, the Financial Aid Office will apply the scholarship to the student’s account per the donor(s) specifications.
  • Blinn will evenly award outside scholarship funds between the Fall and Spring semesters unless other clear direction is provided with the check or letter.
  • Donors or recipients of outside scholarships should contact the Scholarship Advisor at the Blinn Financial Aid Office at scholarships@blinn.edu with any additional questions concerning their scholarship funds.