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Attorney Testimonials

Jeff Paradowski
Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney, College Station, Texas
"I have firsthand experience working with and hiring paralegals educated and certified in the Paralegal Program of Blinn College and found them all to be well trained and equipped to handle the challenges and work load typically found in law firms in the Brazos Valley and throughout the state."

Hunter Shurtleff
Hunter Shurtleff
Shurtleff Law Firm, Bryan, Texas
"My firm, which includes personal injury cases and business litigation, hired a Blinn Paralegal Program alum full-time immediately after her graduation. She was a quick learner, proficient in the software used in my law firm, and highly organized. She was proficient in advanced tasks, docket control, and planning for the continuous deadlines of our civil cases. Her personal attention to the clients and dealing with attorneys has been exemplary. I appreciate that the program produced a paralegal that did not require extensive training and I believe the Blinn Paralegal Program is a valued resource for our legal community."

Earl Gray
Earl Gray
Partner of Gray, Granberry and Jones Law Firm, Board Certified in Criminal Law and Program Faculty.
"The Blinn College Paralegal program provides students with the necessary substantive and procedural courses so that each graduating student is able to ‘hit the ground running’ as they enter the legal job market."

Channa Borman
Channa Borman
Owner of C.E. Borman Law and one of the Brazos Valley's leading family law attorneys, and program faculty.
“I have seen first-hand the superior quality of the graduates of the Blinn Paralegal Program. I prefer to hire Blinn paralegals because the program gives students a solid foundation and equips them with the skills to work in the legal field upon graduation.”

Cameron Reynolds
James and Reynolds Law Firm
"I have been very impressed with the paralegal program at Blinn College. My firm recently hired a graduate of this program and we have been pleased with the results."

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