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ASCEND Prerequisites

Basic qualifications ASCEND

  1. Apply to Blinn, once accepted complete the prerequisites needed for both programs. See the list below.
  2. Apply to, be accepted, and enrolled in Blinn College District’s Associate Degree Nursing Program (Traditional Option).
  3. Currently maintain a 3.00 GPA in prerequisite, nursing science, and ADN-RN courses. See the list below.
  4. Must have completed all of the Texas A&M RN-BSN prerequisite courses prior to starting the Blinn ADN-RN program. See the list below.

The first four courses ( in bold ) need to be completed before applying to the Blinn ADN-RN program.

Courses listed under ADN are those required for the Blinn ADN-RN program and are listed in order of importance. Those in normal font can be taken while in the program, but it is recommended they be taken before starting the program.

Courses listed under BSN will need to be completed prior to starting ASCEND, most should be done prior to application. They can be taken at any time and do not expire.


  • Anatomy & Physiology I (Must include lab)- BIOL 2401
  • Introductory Psychology- PSYC 2301
  • Microbiology (Must include lab)- BIOL 2420
  • English I - Composition I-ENGL 1301
  • Anatomy & Physiology II (Must include lab)-BIOL 2402
  • Lifespan Growth & Development (Must cover infancy-adult)- PSYC 2314
  • Language, Philosophy, & Culture (Phil highly recommended)- Choices


  • Creative Arts- Choices
  • Chemistry (Must include lab)- Chem 1305/1105 or 1411
  • English II - Composition II-ENGL 1302
  • General Biology-BIOL 1406 or 1413
  • Math (no algebra)- Choices
  • Nutrition- BIOL 1322
  • Statistics (Math, Psyc, or Business)- MATH 1342
  • U.S. History- HIST 1301
  • U.S. History- HIST 1302
  • U.S. Government- GOVT 2305
  • Texas Government- GOVT 2306