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Program Offerings

Blinn College offers more than 78 programs of study either get you started or continue your educational path.

A-Z List of Programs
As of 2-19-14

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Program Title Program Type
A Top
Accounting (AAS.ACCT) Technical
Accounting (AS.ACCT) Academic
Accounting Technology (CERT.ACCT) Technical
Administrative Assistant (AAS.ADMN) Technical
Administrative Assistant Specialist (CERT.ADMN) Technical
Agriculture (AS.AGRI) Academic
Anthropology (AA.ANTH) Academic
Arts (AA.ARTS) Academic

B Top
Basic Welding (CERT.WELD) Technical
Biology (AS.BIOL) Academic
Business (AS.BUSI) Academic
Business Administration and Management (AAS.BUS) Technical

C Top
Chemistry (AS.CHEM) Academic
Child Care Worker (CERT.CHIL) Technical
Child Development (AAS.CHIL) Technical
Communication (AA.COMM) Academic
Communication Studies (AA.COMS) Academic
Computer Science (AS.COMP) Academic
Criminal Justice - Basic Peace Officer Academy (CERT.BPOA) Technical
Criminal Justice - Corrections (CERT.CORR) Technical
Criminal Justice (AA.CRIM) Academic
Criminal Justice (AS.CRIM) Academic
Criminal Justice Technology (AAS.CRJT) Technical

D Top
Dental Hygiene (AAS.DENT) Technical
Digital Publishing (AAS.DIGT) Technical
Digital Publishing (CERT.DIGT) Technical

E Top
Economics (AS.ECON) Academic
Education Option A (early childhood) (AAT.EDUA) Academic
Education Option B (grades 8-12) (AAT.EDUB) Academic
Emergency Medical Services (AAS.EMS) Technical
English (AA.ENGL) Academic

F Top
Fire Protection (AAS.FIREP) Technical
Fire Science Technology (AAS.FIRET) Technical
Fire Science Technology (CERT.FIRET) Technical
Foreign Language (AA.FORL) Academic

G Top
Geography (AA.GEOG) Academic
Geology (AS.GEOL) Academic

H Top
Health Information Technology (AAS.HIT) Technical
History (AA.HIST) Academic
Hospitality Management (CERT.HOSP) Technical

I Top
Information Technology Administrator (AAS.ITAD) Technical
Interior Design (AA.INTD) Academic

L Top
Law Enforcement Technology (AAS.LAWT) Technical
Legal Assistant (Paralegal) (AAS.LEGL) Technical
Legal Office (CERT.LEGL) Technical
Liberal Arts (AA, LIBERAL ARTS) Technical

M Top
Mathematics (AS.MATH) Academic
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (CERT.MBCS) Technical
Medical Office (AAS.MOFF) Technical
Medical Office Specialist (CERT.MOFF) Technical
Medical Transcription Specialist (CERT.MTRA) Technical
Microsoft Specialist (CERT.MICR) Technical
MIG Specialization (CERT.MIG) Technical
Music (AA.MUSI) Academic

N Top
Nursing - LVN Transition Option (AAS.LVN) Technical
Nursing (AAS.NURS) Technical

O Top
Ordnance Specialist (CERT.ORDS) Technical

P Top
Paramedic Technology (CERT.EMSP) Technical
Philosophy (AA.PHIL) Academic
Physical Education (AS.PHED) Academic
Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS.PTA) Technical
Physics (AS.PHYS) Academic
Psychology (AA.PSYC) Academic

R Top
Radiologic Technology (AAS.RADT) Technical
Real Estate (CERT.REST) Technical

S Top
Security and Explosives Safety (AAS.SECEX) Technical
Small Business Management (AAS.SMBU) Technical
Small Business Management (CERT.SMBU) Technical
Sociology (AA.SOCI) Academic
Software Specialist (CERT.SOFT) Technical

T Top
Teaching (AA, TEACHING) Academic
Theater Arts (AA.THEA) Academic
Therapeutics Manufacturing (AAS.THER) Technical
Therapeutics Manufacturing (CERT.THER) Technical

U Top
UNIX Specialist (CERT.UNIX) Technical

V Top
Veterinary Technology (AAS.VETT) Technical
Vocational Nursing (CERT.VOCN) Technical

W Top
Web Specialist (CERT.WEBS) Technical
Welding Technology - Machinist Option Level 1 (CERT.WMAC) Technical
Welding Technology (AAS.WELD) Technical