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Admission Criteria

Acceptance to the program is based on the top qualified applicants. The Traditional Face-to-Face program accepts up to 20 students each fall semester and 30 students each spring semester and the Online/Blended program accepts up to 10 students each fall semester.

A qualified applicant is one who has an ATI TEAS composite score of 65% or higher or a composite score with additional qualifying points to equal 65% or higher.

The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) is a computer-based assessment required for admission into the Vocational Nursing Program. It is a 170-item assessment. It measures basic skills in the following sections:

  • Reading (55 minutes, 45 questions)
  • Mathematics (57 minutes, 38 questions)
  • Science (60 minutes, 50 questions)
  • English/Language Usage (37 minutes, 37 questions)

Testing time is approximately 3½ hours in length.

You may purchase the ATI TEAS Study Manual 7th Edition from the ATI website or

The prospective qualified applicant must score a minimum on the following sections of the ATI TEAS test:

  • 50% correct on each of the Reading, Math, and English / Language Usage sections and
  • 33.3% correct on the Science section of the test and
  • 65% or higher on Composite Score (formula below)

ATI TEAS Composite Score Formula:

Composite scores are calculated using the combined highest ATI TEAS section scores.

Reading (score x 30%) + Math (score x 30%) + English (score x 30%) + Science (score x 10%) = Composite Score

Applicants can receive qualifying additional points to their ATI TEAS composite score. The additional point system is as follows:

  • One point for 20 or more volunteer hours in the last 12 months documented on official organizational letterhead (excluding court-ordered community service.)
  • One point for completing one or more health field college courses, official transcript required
  • One point for having one or more college degrees, official transcript required
  • One point for having one or more health science certifications or two or more years of healthcare employment involving direct patient interaction (i.e. receptionist, administrative assistant, etc.)

Example of composite, including qualifying additional points:

An applicant with a composite ATI TEAS score of 63%, including two qualifying additional points, would have a calculated score of 65 and be considered a qualified applicant.