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Pre-Class Requirements

Before training begins, the following prerequisites must be completed:

  1. Contact the RCTA office at 979-985-3111 or Anthony Aragon at 936-436-3996:
    • Schedule an appointment for an in-person interview.
    • Review the Commercial Driver Skills Training programs, options, and schedules.
    • Review the course expectations.
    • Receive permit study information and guidance, then tour the equipment, range, and facilities.
  2. Complete an RCTA Pre-Qualification Form and the Blinn Student Enrollment Packet
    • This must be done at RCTA during the in-person interview.
    • Provide a copy of your Texas State Driver License and Permit (if obtained)
  3. Apply for financing and or scholarships if necessary.
    • Contact Becky Krebs by phone at 979-830-4339 or email for all questions and guidance in regard to financing and scholarship information.
    • Students pursuing the CDL Truck Driving certificate are eligible to apply for Duddlesten Foundation scholarships while funds remain available.
    • Beginning August 1, 2023, alternative funding becomes available for students at Type "Community College" to see choices. Acknowledgement of alternative funding application must be submitted before the student is approved for registration for the CDL Truck Driving Course.
  4. Schedule and Pass a Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical:
    • Our doctor is available at our facility on Tuesdays and is included in the tuition. An appointment must be scheduled by the Friday preceding the intended DOT physical date.
    • Upon successful completion of the physical, the doctor will provide you with a DOT medical card and long form physical that is good for one or two years, depending on the examination results.
    • You will need to take the DOT Medical Certification Card with you to the DPS to begin the application process for a Class A CLP.
  5. Schedule an appointment with DPS to apply for a Class A Learner’s Permit (CLP):
    • The CDL Permit fee is $25. The DPS will issue you a receipt showing you applied for a CLP. Be sure to bring this receipt to RCTA on the first day of class as proof of eligibility to obtain a Class A CLP and eventually a Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL).
    • You do not have to take the 5 tests required to obtain your CLP at this time.
    • If you would like to study, test, and obtain a CLP before your scheduled class start date, refer to step 6.
    • If not, we will begin preparing you for the CLP required tests on the first day of class.
  6. If you would like to study for and test to obtain the Class A CLP before your scheduled class start date:

    You will need to study the below topics:

    Use the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook to study for the following tests:
    • Use downloadable CDL Handbook found at
    • 'Study chapter 14 for Texas Commercial Rules (previously special requirements)
    • Study chapters 1, 2, and 3 for General Knowledge
    • Study chapter 6 for Combination Vehicles
    • Study chapter 5 for Air Brakes
    • Study chapter 8 for Tank Vehicles Endorsement (only required if you want to train and test in a tank vehicle)
    • Take CDL A Practice Tests at
  7. Be sure your tuition is paid to Blinn for the Commercial Driver Skills Training Course. Whether self-pay in full or partial scholarship, full or partial financing, Texas Workforce programs, or any other programs or combinations, this must be completed before your scheduled class start date. If you have not yet obtained a Texas CLP, you will be required to take CVOP 1015 – CLP Exam Preparation for $935 in addition to CVOP 1013 Class, Simulation, and Range ($2,943) and CVOP 1040 Range and Public Roadway ($2,943). If you have obtained your CLP, you will not be required to take CVOP 1015 CLP Exam Preparation as long as you provide a copy of your valid Texas State CLP at the time of registration.
  8. On the first day of class, you need to bring your valid driver’s license, DOT medical card, CLP (if already obtained), and be prepared to take your first official DOT drug screen, which will be recorded in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. If you have not yet obtained a CLP, you need to bring the receipt provided by the DPS showing you applied for a CLP, and a desire and willingness to receive the wealth of information that is required to pass the five tests required to obtain a CLP.
  9. If you are applying to remove a “NO MANUAL TRANSMISSION” restriction or for a “CLASS A CDL REFRESHER” course only, you will need to provide a copy of your current valid Class A CDL License prior to registration. This may make you exempt from taking the lecture portion of the program. You will only be registered in CVOP 1040 Range and Public Roadway.

For training, contact the RCTA Office at 979-985-3111 or Anthony Aragon at 936-436-3996.

For schedule dates, payments, scholarship, alternative funding, or other enrollment-related questions, contact Becky Krebs with Blinn’s Division of Applied Technology, Workforce, and Economic Development at 979-830-4339.