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TEAM Registration Tips

  • When searching for classes you will occasionally come across sections that may not yet have a time or day of the week listed. It is not advised that you sign up for this section as once the information is posted it may conflict with your current schedule, and there may not be alternatives at that time.
  • When signing up for classes, many students will try to build their schedule around a specific professor. Professors can and will change, without notice, from what is posted when you first sign up for a class. We cannot change or switch courses due to a students preferred professor changing.
  • If you plan to attend courses at both the RELLIS and Texas A&M campuses on the same day, you will want to allow at least one hour between classes to give you enough time to leave one campus and arrive at the other. Make sure to also factor in time to get lunch or review study materials if needed.
  • The Blinn-Bryan Campus has large enrollment, therefore classes will fill up quickly upon registration opening. Students need to ensure that they are able to register for classes as soon as registration opens.
  • Blinn registration will always occur prior to Texas A&M’s registration. Students will want to set their Blinn schedules first and then add their Texas A&M classes when registration opens at Texas A&M. Students are encouraged to think of registration as a single process: First, identify a list of appropriate courses for the next semester. Next, decide which courses you will take at Texas A&M. Finally, register for your Blinn courses, leaving room for your A&M courses. Preparation for registration includes seeking advising early and checking for holds on your account.
  • Prior to registration, be sure to check your file for any holds (several times) that could prevent you from registering for classes. Holds could be placed for several reasons ranging from missing transcripts to a parking ticket. You want to be sure that your file is clear prior to attempting to register for your classes.
  • Although a “D” is considered a passing grade, you may be required to earn a “C” or better in some prerequisites courses. Students will need to remember this when grades are posted because if the required grade is not earned in the prerequisite course, then the subsequent class will be dropped from their schedules automatically.
  • When planning classes, you must be mindful that prerequisites can and will be different between Texas A&M and Blinn. You will need to make sure that you meet the requirements at the school you are taking the class.
  • You must check both your Texas A&M and Blinn email accounts. These accounts are the official method of communication between the colleges and the student. Students are responsible for all email communication they receive. As most students have smart phones, it is best to set up your phone, so you will know when you receive an email. If you do not have a smart phone, you should get in the habit of checking your account on a weekly basis (even between semesters).
  • Once you register for classes, do not assume your schedule will remain the same. Your course location or instructor may change without notice. It is advisable to check your schedule during the semester break and before the first day of class to make sure you are aware of any changes.
  • Be mindful of what classes you are registering for and how they transfer to Texas A&M and your degree plan. You can check how courses will transfer via Texas A&M’s Transfer Course Equivalency website. Taking classes that do not transfer or work in Texas A&M degree plans could lead to issues, therefore it is always suggested to have an advisor review your schedule.

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