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Student Success

Strategic Initiative 1.1: Quality Enhancement Plan

  • QEP Goals
    • Increase completion of developmental/college ready coursework
    • Improve persistence of developmental education enrolled students
    • Demonstrate improved college-readiness skills that persist beyond developmental coursework
  • QEP Interventions
    • Guided advising for enrollment in developmental course sequencing
    • Tutoring and writing center services for literacy and quantitative skill building
    • Online support modules for literacy and course success
    • Additional faculty development on literacy skills across the curriculum
    • Faculty development for training underprepared students for core curriculum skills

Strategic Initiative 1.2: State Funding Model Alignment

Align Blinn College’s student success goals with the outcomes-based funding model developed by the State of Texas under House Bill 8.

  • Focus student success goals on the three outcomes-based funding metrics created by House Bill 8.
    • Credential of value attainment
    • Successful transfer to public 4-year university, or completion of structured co-enrollment program (Blinn-TEAM)
    • Completion of 15 semester credit hours of dual credit

Strategic Initiative 1.3: Increase Awareness of Graduation Pathways

Increase awareness of graduation pathways throughout the entire College District community, including:

  • Traditional graduation
  • Lost Graduates program
    • Prior Blinn students with sufficient credit to earn credential but have not applied for completion
  • Reverse transfer program
    • Prior Blinn students earning sufficient credits at a different institution to earn a credential at Blinn

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