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Program Mission Statement and Goals

Blinn College District Physical Therapist Assistant Program Mission Statement:

“In keeping with the Mission & Vision of Blinn College District, the mission of the PTA Program is to provide a comprehensive curriculum to yield graduate Physical Therapist Assistants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become outstanding clinicians and educators in the diverse communities they will serve.”

Blinn College District Physical Therapist Assistant Program Goals:

1. Students will be proficient in providing therapeutic interventions established within the plan of care under the supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist in the communities they serve. -Blinn core values addressed: Excellence, Service

2. Students will be skilled in educating a variety of diverse stakeholders about the role, benefits, and application of physical therapy services and interventions. -Blinn core values addressed: Excellence, Service, Diversity, Respect

3. Students will demonstrate patient-centered, safe, effective, moral, and ethical behaviors within the realm of physical therapy. -Blinn core values addressed: Respect, Diversity, Excellence, Service

4. The program will provide access to innovative technology and an evidence-based curriculum to enhance the quality of education in an effort to meet contemporary professional expectations. -Blinn core values addressed: Innovation, Access, Excellence

5. Students will exercise the ability to collaborate as a dynamic member of the Physical Therapy profession, healthcare team, and society by demonstrating effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. -Blinn core values addressed: Collaboration, Excellence, Respect, Service

6. Students will discover the significance of lifelong learning and commitment to serving their community in order to positively impact the profession and society. -Blinn core values addressed: Excellence, Access, Service, Diversity