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Zoom for Blinn Students

Zoom is required for remote and online courses at Blinn College. You can download the app across devices at

System requirements for your device are listed at

Zoom meetings will be listed in your eCampus D2L courses. To enter one of these Zoom discussions, simply click on the link (see graphic below). Please note any passwords your professor may have established to enter the Zoom discussion. Also note that some meetings will have waiting rooms to control access, and that some meetings may not allow students to enter prior to the scheduled time.

Students also can access Zoom in the course toolbar.

Inside the meetings, remain respectful at all times. Keep your microphone muted unless you are addressing the professor. Use the nonverbal communication tools available under the Participants list to raise your hand, etc.

Some things to remember while in a Zoom meeting:

Be on time. Class meetings in Live Online courses will occur at set times, and you will need to be present just as if you were in a physical classroom.

Stay focused. While attending Zoom meetings, pay attention and do not let external distractions keep you from gaining the most out of your online class.

Remain respectful. Civility is expected in classrooms at all times, even online, in accordance with Blinn’s civility policies.


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  • Phone: 979-209-7298