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Retention Services

The purpose of Retention Services is to increase the numbers of students that successfully complete the Health Sciences Programs at Blinn and become licensed or certified healthcare professionals. To achieve this outcome, Retention Services provides several different resources for Health Sciences students at Blinn.

The following resources are offered through the Health Sciences Retention Services:

  1. Preparation for Success Presentations: Topics such as time management, study skills, and test taking strategies

  2. Educational Guidance: Students meeting the following criteria will be referred by faculty for individual test analysis and 1:1 educational guidance:

    1. students who fail an exam in any Program’s course(s), criteria for failure to be determined

    2. students who have failed a previous Program’s course(s) and have been readmitted to the respective program

    3. students admitted to a Health Sciences Program with low Grade Point Average (GPAs), level to be determined

    4. students admitted to a Health Sciences Program with low TEAS composite, reading, and/or math scores

    5. International students with identified difficulties with written or spoken English language skills, have low TOEFL scores (slightly about the minimum to be admitted to Blinn), or have no TOEFL scores (e.g. transfers from other colleges/universities or USA high school graduates).

      A student must schedule an appointment with the Retention Coordinator within 5 business days after being notified that he/she meets one or more of these criteria. Appointments can be made by calling or emailing the Retention Coordinator directly. Continued meetings between the student and the Retention Coordinator will be determined by student progression toward academic success.

  3. Counseling/referral services: any student may self-refer to the Retention Coordinator for:

    1. 1:1 guidance to improve low course grades, study skills, or time management skills

    2. assistance with financial aid, child care, transportation, referral for personal counseling issues

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