Board of Directors

The direction of the Blinn College Foundation is vested in its Board of Directors, which is comprised of citizens from a broad spectrum of communities in which we serve.

 Board of Directors

2018 - 2019 Blinn College Foundation
Board of Directors and Staff

Samuel Sommer

Kevin Mutscher
Vice Chair

Michael Schaefer

Nancy Berry

Don Wilhelm
Matt Kenjura
Kenneth Mutscher
J. Hal Machat
Doug French
Jordan Januse
Hondo Powell
Mike Mueller
Reesa Ueckert
Patrick Baker
Brad Corrier
Steve Pringle
Buddy Krizan
Jerry Calvert
Beth Masser

Advisory Board

Tedi Ellison
Ron Schmidt
Grace Crawford
Ron Alfred
Lois Kolkhorst Senator

Office Staff

Susan Myers
Executive Director

Phil Shackelford

Sharon Loukanis