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Texas Tuition Promise Fund/529 Plans

Texas Tuition Promise Fund

(not Texas Tomorrow or Texas Guarantee Tuition Plan) The purchaser of the plan must authorize Blinn for each semester the student intends to use the plan. You can authorize as many semesters as are available. Once you have authorized this plan, the Financial Aid Office will apply a contract for the tuition and fees. There is no need to contact the Financial Aid Office to inform us that you have authorized this plan. When it has been processed, you will see a payment applied to the your account.

Two ways to complete the authorization:

  1. The purchaser of the plan can log into their Texas Tuition Promise Fund account and complete the online form under the Benefits Information section. OR
  2. Print, complete, and submit the Benefit Payment Authorization Form that can be found under the Forms and Materials section.

Other 529 Plans

The owner of the plan needs to contact the administrator and follow the instructions on how to utilize it. Once the student/owner has the authorization statement or plan statement, which explains what it will pay and how to bill the program, please send it to

If you have any other questions regarding 529 plans please email

Workforce Solutions: Students need to contact Workforce Solutions to obtain a Purchase Order (PO). The PO can be used for tuition and fees or books.

Tuition and Fees: The PO must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. The PO is for specific classes and charges. If the student’s enrollment changes and no longer reflected on the PO, the contract to cover tuition and fees will be removed.

Books: The PO for books and supplies must be taken to the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore on the student's respective campus.

Tuition Assistance for Texas National Guard: Students must apply for tuition assistance on GoArmyEd. If you have questions, please contact

Tuition Assistance for U.S. Air Force: Students must submit the approval letter they received to the Financial Aid Office at

Students can check the progress of their paperwork through myBLINN:

  1. Log in to your myBLINN account
  2. Click on Financial Aid Checklist.
  3. Choose the correct award year.
  4. Click on ‘Documents Required for Financial Aid.'