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Application Requirements

The following are requirements for application to the Associate Degree Nursing Program. These requirements must be fulfilled, and evidence of their completion must be submitted. Failure to submit evidence of ALL application requirements will exclude the applicant from consideration for admission.

  1. Be a Blinn College student and have a Blinn username and password. This means completing all Blinn College admission requirements, including being TSI compliant. Previous Blinn students who have not been enrolled in Blinn College for the previous spring or fall semester must reapply to the college through Apply Texas).
  2. Be TSI compliant.
  3. Submit a completed Associate Degree Nursing Application (NOTE: Admission to the ADN program is a separate process from admissions to Blinn College and requires a separate application). Acceptance to Blinn College does not guarantee acceptance into the Associate Degree Nursing Program.
  4. Be able to upload ALL official college/university transcripts on the nursing application (NOTE: Blinn College transcripts may be unofficial transcripts). The applicant is also responsible to make sure official transcripts are also on file in the Admission and Records Office at Blinn College.
  5. Highlight all courses on official transcripts listed on the Application Degree Worksheet (page 11 of the online application) before you upload them to the application. You may open your official transcript to highlight courses.
  6. Have a C or better in any "Prerequisites" and "Co-requisites" that are complete and have a minimum overall GPA for those "Prerequisites" and "Co-requisites' of at least a 2.5.
  7. Have science courses (Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, Microbiology, and Pathophysiology) that are no older than five years when you submit your application (NOTE: Blinn College ADN Program averages all final grades for courses in the degree plan. If a course is taken more than once within 5 years, grades for each attempt are averaged).
  8. Take the ATI TEAS administered by the Blinn College Testing Center or another educational institution or testing facility. Please see the ATI TEAS information page in the application packet for further details. The ATI TEAS must be completed prior to submitting the nursing application and one ATI TEAS Individual Performance Profile must be uploaded to the application. Students are ineligible for admission if ATI Academic Preparedness Level is "Basic" or "Developmental" on the ATI TEAS. TEAS scores cannot be older than one year at the time of application.
  9. Students whose first/native language is not English (ESL), are required to take the TOEFL iBT regardless of US education, or years of residence (See TOEFEL information page in the packet for further details).
  10. After program acceptance and prior to the start of the first semester of the nursing program, you will be required to complete a mandatory criminal background check (CBC), including fingerprints. The ADN Program will notify all qualified applicants as to the steps to follow to complete the CBC. The criminal background check will take place after the nursing application deadline. The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) will require the CBC be done through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Additional information is available on the Blinn website.
  11. To be competitive, have the prerequisites complete or in progress, Anatomy and Physiology 1, Microbiology, Psychology, and English.
  12. LVN-T - have access to a copy of your LVN license.
  13. Have access to your work history to include employer, supervisor name, dates of employment.

More information on the application deadline(s).