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When students visit the Writing Room for the first time, they are asked to read and sign a policies and guidelines statement indicating that they will abide by our guidelines. This is done to ensure that a quiet learning environment can be maintained. Below is a copy of that document:

(Writing Center Policies should be completed and signed once per semester.)

The following practices and policies are meant to serve as guidelines for all students using the Writing Center. It is expected that students will read and adhere to them in order to enhance the quality of service the Writing Center provides both to themselves and others. Anyone who does not abide by the following procedures and rules will be asked to leave.

Computer Lab Guidelines

  • Students who enter the Writing Center must log in before beginning their assignments and log out when they leave. Should a student need to leave for a brief time (e.g., restroom, phone call), it is not necessary that he or she log out.
  • Students are expected to treat the Writing Center as a classroom setting; as a courtesy to others, a quiet atmosphere must be strictly maintained. All electronic devices should be muted or turned off; if a student receives a cell phone call, he or she should exit the Writing Center before answering.
  • Any food or drink should be kept away from computers; drinks should be in a re-sealable bottle with a lid.
  • If a student wishes to listen to music, he or she may do so provided that it is done through the use of headphones (the Writing Center will not provide headphones). The volume must be kept low enough so that it doesn’t disturb surrounding patrons.
  • The Writing Center is maintained for students in order to facilitate the completion of their assignments. It is not a place to socialize, shop online, play games, watch movies, etc It is expected that all students will respect and care for said equipment—computers, printers, books, tables, desks, chairs, etc.—in a responsible fashion. All equipment is to remain in the Writing Room at all times. Anyone who vandalizes or abuses the Writing Center will be asked to leave. Loitering is not permitted. All students who finish their lab requirements and who need additional lab time credit are expected to remain engaged in academic pursuits while completing their necessary lab time.
  • Computers in the Writing Center are to be used for educational purposes only. In the Writing Center, a student may use the computer to research, write, or complete assignments. The following potential uses are prohibited:
    • Viewing pornography or any other objectionable website
    • Any other use not strictly related to student assignments

Students caught looking at pornography will be permanently banned from the Writing Center and will be reported to the police. On the first occurrence of any other inappropriate use, students will be politely asked to refrain. Any subsequent occurrence will result in their being told to leave. Writing Center personnel, including student workers, have sole determination in any dispute about computer use, and their decision concerning the immediate occurrence is final.

  • While the Writing Center personnel maintain a familiarity with instructors’ lab assignments, they cannot be expected to know the exact specifications that an instructor requires. Therefore, a student should always consult with his or her instructor about how to interpret an assignment. The Writing Center cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of a student’s work.
  • Although the Writing Center makes every attempt to maintain its posted hours, students should be aware that times may arise when it is necessary to close (e.g., a worker’s illness). Also, many instructors often reserve the Writing Center to hold a class, and the Writing Center might have to be closed at that time as well. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with The Writing Center’s hours of operation and to not wait until the last minute to complete their assignments.
  • Students are expected to vacate the Writing Center promptly when it closes. Documents and assignments should be saved and/or finished before closing to expedite the process.
  • All Writing Center personnel are to be treated with the respect due a classroom instructor. Any complaints about other patrons should be directed to Writing Center personnel so that they can mediate the problem. Any complaints about Writing Center personnel should be directed to Clinton Hale, the Writing Room Director (; Office: Academic #14, ext. 4403).

Consultation Guidelines

The Writing Center welcomes consultations with students who are looking for extra assistance with their writing skills. We welcome walk-ins (on a first-come, first-served basis), and we also take appointments. Please be aware of the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • Information from a consulting session may be used for research and will be available to instructors
  • Unless you notify The Writing Center in advance, a consulting appointment may be forfeited if you are more than 5 minutes late.
  • Instructors' grading policies and paper grades are not discussed in The Writing Center.
  • You, the student, will be asked to establish the direction and content of each consulting session.
  • Writing Center consultants do not edit or correct students’ papers. Instead, consultants focus on issues such as structure, thesis, organization, and content. If a consultant identifies repetitive grammatical mistakes, such as fragments, run-ons, or comma usage, then the consultant will work with the student in order to help the student understand and learn how to correct such mistakes. Consultants can also advise on such matters as finding a topic, narrowing a topic, getting started, research methods, citations, and proper formatting.
  • Essay consultations may require that the students read their papers quietly to the consultant or have their papers read to them by the consultant.


By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the policies and procedures outlined above. Your signature indicates a willingness to abide by these guidelines and indicates an understanding of the penalties that will incur should you violate any of them.

I have read and understood these policies and understand that by signing below, I am indicating a willingness to abide by them:

______________________________________ __________________________
Student's Signature Date

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