Scholarship Opportunities

Blinn's Division of Technical and Community Education provides a number of avenues for scholarships. Traditional financial aid is not typically available for non-credit technical and community education courses, but please pursue the following:

Blinn College Foundation Scholarships:

Blinn has a number of scholarship opportunities available for technical and community education students.  Scholarships depend on a number of factors, so to determine if you qualify, please complete an application.

Private Grants:

Students may apply for any of the following scholarships, as applicable.

Swalm Foundation (Boys and Girls Club Scholarship)

  • The Swalm Foundation provides scholarship funds for students involved in Boys and Girls Club who meet requirements of the Foundation and have participated in a local Boys and Girls Club.  Funds are available for Washington County, Champion Valley, Austin County, and Brazos Valley. 

Texas Elks Lodge Scholarship – Texas Elks Association

Gene Haas Foundation Machining Technology Scholarship

  • This scholarship program provides $1,000 - $5,000 to pay for students interested in machine operation and maintenance. Application forms are available at

Workforce Solutions

Your local Workforce Board has scholarship monies available on a case-by-case basis for unemployed, under-employed, and dislocated workers. Before registering for our classes, contact your local board to see if you qualify: