External Fees for Simulation Center

Please add the total number of units.
Room External User Rate Unit of Service Description
Low Fidelity $100 Per Unit /Per Day Simulation Bed
  $150 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day Simulation Bed
Hi Fidelity $200 Per Unit /Per Day Simulation Bed
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day Simulation Bed
OR Space $200 Per Unit /Per Day OR Beds space
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Unit/Per Day OR Bed space
Classrooms $200 Per Room /Per Day Classroom seating 16-40
  $250 Nights/Weekends Per Room/Per Day Classroom seating 16-40
IVC Rooms $350 Per Room /Per Day Classroom seating 40-50
  $400 Nights/Weekends  Per Room/Per Day Classroom seating 40-50
Videoing $50   Per scenario station
Set Up Fee $250 One time fee Training for new users
Standardized Patients  $40 Per hour Per Person/ Per Hour
Supplies     Cost plus 10%


  • A unit is defined as a single bed, crib, infant warmer, the Clinic space, home setting.
  • A classroom is defined as any room on the third floor* IVC is the classroom on the fourth floor
  • If 3G or Essential is requested in the Home Setting room, it is to bill at the Hi-Fidelity rate.
  • Supplies will be billed after the use to that the exact total can be determined. 

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