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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Parking, Traffic & Transportation webpage for detailed information concerning policies, regulations, enforcement, violations, parking permits and fees, citations and fines, appeals, visitor parking, Blinn Team and Health Science Center parking.

Where can I park?
Please see the campus maps on the Parking homepage.

What if I attend classes at more than one campus during the semester.  Do I need a different parking permit for each campus?
No.  You will need only one parking permit for all campuses.  You must be aware of the different parking requirements for each campus.  It is recommended that you register your vehicle on the campus where you have the majority of your classes.

Is there a ‘grace’ period for registering my vehicle and buying a parking permit?
No.  Blinn College Parking & Traffic Regulations are in effect at all times.  If you are going to park a vehicle on campus the first day of class, you should register your vehicle and purchase a parking permit before the first day of class.

What do I do if I get a new vehicle?
If you have already been issued a current valid parking permit, return your parking permit to Enrollment Service (permit numbers must be legible).  Register your new vehicle and receive a new permit at no charge.

My parking permit was stolen or vandalized. What steps should I take?
Report stolen or vandalized permits to Campus Police AND Enrollment Services as soon as possible.

I reported my parking permit lost or stolen, but later found it.  May I continue to use it?
No.  Vehicles displaying a permit that has been reported lost or stolen may be subject to a parking citation or towing.  Return the permit to Enrollment Services.  If you have already purchased another permit, your account may be credited for the additional permit charge.

What if I have already registered a vehicle, but have to drive a different vehicle for a few days (vehicle repairs, switching vehicles, rental vehicle).
You must register the vehicle with Enrollment Services and receive a Temporary Permit.  Temporary Permits are issued based on each individual case.

I have a citation charge on my account, but never received a citation.  Why am I responsible for the citation?
Regardless of whether you received a copy of the citation, you are responsible for registering your vehicle and parking the vehicle according to the Blinn College Parking & Traffic Regulations Policy.  You may check with Enrollment Services to receive a copy of your citation.

I have night classes only.  Do I need a parking permit?
Yes.  For the safety of staff, faculty and students, the Blinn College Parking and Traffic Regulations are in effect at all times.

Can someone else pick up my parking permit?
No.  Parking permits are issued to the student only.

Can I park anywhere on campus after 5:00 p.m. if I have a valid parking permit?
No.  Blinn College Parking & Traffic Regulations are in effect at all times. 

If I am a student and have a valid parking permit, can I park in Reserved and Visitor spaces?
No.  Reserved spaces are assigned to staff and faculty.  Visitor spaces are for visitors to Blinn College.  Students will be issued parking citations if parking in these spaces.

If I am a visitor to Blinn College, where should I park?
Visitors should park in ‘Visitor’ spaces only.  Please see the Campus Maps on the Parking Home page or you may check with Enrollment Services in the Administration Building.  If visiting a student living in the residence hall or Blinn College Park Apartments on the Brenham Campus, and you would like to park near the student’s residence, you may register your vehicle with Enrollment Services in the Administration Building before 5:00 p.m., and receive a ‘Visitor Permit’.  If arriving after 5:00 p.m., please check with the Residence Hall Manager or Apartment  Manager for a ‘Visitor Permit’.  Visitors will be issued parking citations if not in compliance with regulations.

Where do I pay for a parking citation?
You may initially pay your parking citation fine through your Parking Portal account.  After fourteen (14) days, the citation fine will post to your myBLINN account, at which time you may pay through your myBLINN.  You may also pay in person at Enrollment Services.

Can I  appeal my parking citation?
Yes.  Please see the Parking, Traffic & Transportation webpage