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Parallel Studies

The Parallel Studies Department at Blinn College provides both learning community courses for students completing Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and learning frameworks student success courses for every student attending Blinn College.

Learning Frameworks Transfer Courses for all Blinn Students

A learning frameworks, student success course provides you with support and strategies for college success as you transition from high school or return to college after a break. Blinn offers two learning frameworks courses, EDUC 1300 and EDUC 1100, for you to choose from, depending on campus, program, and student profile. Not all students are required to take a learning frameworks course. An advisor will help you determine if a learning frameworks course is right for you and help you understand how your course will transfer to another college or university.

To complete TSI requirements, students are advised into one of the following learning community courses depending on test scores. Information about TSI test preparation, testing, exemptions, and placement can be found at this link:

The following DIRW courses provide students with instructional support and success strategies to successfully complete English 1301, or a history course where available. To successfully complete TSI requirements, students must earn a grade of C or better in one of the learning community courses. A grade of C in ENGL 1301 may be required for degree plan. Students are advised to check with an advisor about degree plan requirements. Earning grades of C or better ensures that students remain in good academic standing.

Learning community courses:

  • DIRW 0238 co-enrolled with ENGL 1301
  • DIRW 0327 co-enrolled with ENGL 1301, or on some campuses a history course, in a learning community course.

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Registration is underway for the summer and fall terms. For assistance, contact Academic Advising or call Enrollment Services at 979-830-4800. You also can schedule a tour of any of our six campuses!

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