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Information Technology Recommended Technology

The Information Technology Department is asked daily, "What computer should I buy before starting the program?" The department does not require that you bring your own computer to class, otherwise known as Bring your Own Device (BYOD), but you may. A laptop will also be useful outside of the classroom. If you have not yet purchased or are considering replacing your laptop, here is a recommended configuration:

  • Intel Core i7 or equivalent processor
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 500 GB storage system
  • Discrete graphics card
  • Webcam
  • USB Port
  • Wifi capable

Note: Chromebooks, iPads, and similar devices do not meet the operating system and hardware requirements to run information technology applications.

MAC OS Advisory: A large percentage of information technology applications require the Windows operating system. These applications will not run natively on macOS. While a Mac can be configured run both Windows and macOS, doing so decreases battery run-time and the amount of available hard drive space.

Suggested Vendors

Below you will find a list of vendors that have special configurations for our Information Technology students. Purchasing from these vendors is not required and this information is listed only for your convenience. Purchases are made directly from the vendor, not through Blinn College.