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Housing FAQs

You must be a Blinn College-Brenham Campus student enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours with no convictions or pending felony or misdemeanor charges to be eligible to live in on-campus housing. Students living on campus must provide proof of health insurance through their myBLINN housing portal. To apply for admission to the Blinn College District, visit

Visit the Housing page in your myBLINN student portal. If you have not yet applied to Blinn, visit our Steps to Apply page.

If you lived on campus last semester and plan to return to on-campus housing for the upcoming semester, you will need to complete the Returning Student Housing application, resubmit proof of health insurance, and resubmit your refundable $100 damage deposit.

This is an online application available through your myBLINN account under Student Services, then Housing. We will assign you to a room once you have registered for at least 12 credit hours. A $50 housing term renewal fee will be put on your account.

No, housing is only offered on our Brenham campus. 

A portion of your application fee will pay for a criminal history check. Please be aware that if you have any convictions or pending charges for a Felony, Class A Misdemeanor, or Class B Misdemeanor, you will not be able to live on-campus, and your $125 application fee will not be refunded.

If you are an out of state or out of country resident, please monitor your myBLINN email account for an email from HireRight.Included in the email is a link for you to complete your background informationThis information is necessary for a background check.

If you are an out of state or out of country resident, please monitor your myBLINN email account for an email from HireRight. Included in the email is a link for you to complete your background information. This information is necessary for a background check.

Students will need to register for a minimum of 12 credit hours before they can receive a room assignment. Students who drop below 12 credit hours at any time can have their room assignment canceled until they register for a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Students should check their myBLINN email on a regular basis for information regarding a room assignment.

Yes, all students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. A meal plan will be assigned to you once you have your room assignment. For a complete list of meal plan options, please visit

Students who cancel their rooms prior to the start of school will have the full cost of their room removed from their bill. Students who cancel their room after the semester starts, but within the first 8 weeks of the semester, will have a prorated cost of their room refunded. No refunds unless completely unenrolled from school.

Yes. At the end of each long semester that you have lived on campus, you will be given an opportunity to renew your housing for the next semester. Please note that a $50 renewal fee will be applied to your account at the time a room is reserved.

We are no longer accepting room request change requests for Spring 2024. Please check back in the Fall semester. 

Submitting Maintenance Requests

  1. Log into myBLINN account
  2. Click "Menu" in left corner
  3. Click "Student Services"
  4. Click "Housing"
  5. Click "Housing Application"
  6. Click "Menu"
  7. Click "More Task"
  8. Select "Work Orders"

Please be as descriptive as possible when submitting your request.

Thanksgiving Holiday Break


All housing will be closed during the break. Please make sure that you properly check out with your residence hall director or RA before leaving campus for the holiday to avoid an improper check-out charge.

Winter Break

Students living on campus must turn in their keys and check out of on-campus housing within 24 hours of their last final. Students need to monitor their myBLINN email regarding updated information about returning to campus for the following semester.

Please coordinate with your residence hall director or RA before leaving campus to avoid an improper check-out charge.

Students interested in becoming a Resident Assistant must fill out and submit the form below to be eligible for the position. Sign in using your Blinn email address. 

Apply Now

Resident assistants have a variety of responsibilities, including: 

  • Serve on an on-call rotation that requires them to be in the residence hall on scheduled nights
  • Work desk hours that are based around their class schedule and on-call rotations
  • Attend mandatory trainings and orientations at the beginning of each semester
  • Create and put on events throughout the semester
  • Build healthy, positive relationships with other students
  • Create a comfortable environment through hall décor and the use of bulletin boards

Minimum qualifications include: 

  • RAs must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours for the semester.
  • RAs must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) for returning students and a 2.5 or equivalent for students new to college.
  • RAs may not have more than 2 judicial/conduct points.


A summons is a written notice that is given to a student by a staff member alleging a violation(s) from the Student Code of Conduct or Housing and Residence Life Handbook has occurred.

Check your Blinn email for details regarding a meeting from the Student Conduct Coordinator. If you do not receive an invitation to meet within 5 days, call the Office of Title IX and Student Conduct at 979-830-4643.

  • Phone: 979-830-4461