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Mission Statement

The Blinn College Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing financial resources to assist students with pursuing their educational goals. Our office has adopted the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrator’s (NASFAA) Statement of Ethical Principles. We will incorporate the principles outlined by NASFAA to ensure fair treatment and equity in processing and awarding federal and state aid to students. We aim to exemplify the highest level of ethical behavior in helping students and families find the best ways to pay for college and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism all while remaining good stewards of public and institutional funds.

Our Ethical Principles are as follows:

  1. Advocate for students.
  2. Demonstrate the highest level of integrity.
  3. Support student access and success.
  4. Comply with federal and state laws.
  5. Strive for transparency and clarity.
  6. Protect the privacy of students.

Blinn College encourages all students to understand their responsibility in applying for and receiving financial aid of any type. Financial Aid made available through any school is to be used for the costs of attending college. These costs clearly consist of institutional charges such as tuition and fees, on campus dorm and meal plan, but also include the living costs while attending college. The ethical standards of receiving financial aid for each student is to ensure that they are using their financial aid in accordance with federal and state regulations and for their intended purpose.