Course Substitution Requirements

  1. Students are responsible for registering with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and be eligible for services based on the documentation provided. 

  2. Course substitutions will be considered on an individual basis using the following criteria:
    a. The documentation supports the students request; and
    b. The course for which the substitution is being requested is not an essential element for the degree requirements of the program or course in which the student in enrolled.

  3. Once the Office of Disability Services determined that the documentation does support a course substitution request, ODS will write a letter of recommendation for such request to the academic dean of the division in which the student is enrolled or her/his designee.

  4. If the course substitution request is granted, the dean or her/his designee and the student will meet to discuss options for course substitution. The nature of the substitution will be determined by the dean or her/his designee.