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Seeking a career with flexible schedules and remote work opportunities? Web programming may be the answer.

Blinn College student Jennifer Wellmann enjoys blending the creative and technical sides of her personality while pursuing her AAS in Web Programming

Blinn College student Jennifer Wellmann enjoys blending the creative and technical sides of her personality while pursuing her AAS in Web Programming

November 7, 2023

College Station resident Jennifer Wellmann knew she wanted to make a change.

Between her eagerness to learn new skills and her desire for a more flexible work schedule, she decided to return to Blinn College, where she had earned her radiologic technology degree in 2012. This time, she enrolled in the Web Programming Program, where she could blend the creative and technical sides of her personality.

“I wanted to do something that would allow me to work remotely,” Wellmann said. “I also liked that web programming would allow me to use my creativity and still be involved in the tech side of it.”

As a working professional, Wellmann needed a program that she could complete online outside of traditional working hours. With her academic core already completed, she has enjoyed taking select web programming courses online at a pace that fits with her work schedule. This semester marks her second class with Raul Gonzalez, an instructor who brings years of web management experience, including his current role as Blinn’s web content specialist.

“Professor Gonzalez has been awesome,” Wellmann said. “He’s very interactive and he leads us step by step and shows us how to do it. If you ever have a problem, if you reach out to him he will immediately get back to you, no matter what time of day or weekend it is. He’ll walk you through it, and that’s been very helpful.”

Now in her second semester in the program, Wellmann is enjoying the challenge. She is particularly interested in web design and completed Web Design I last spring. Through that class, she participated in a semester-long project to design a custom website using HTML and CSS.

“That was so fun and cool for me to get to do, especially in my first class for the program because it gave me an idea of what I would be learning to do,” Wellmann said. “The further along in the semester that we got, I realized that it was all starting to come together and now I see what the end product is going to be. Looking back, now I can see that from the first day of class is when we started building that website.”

Available at both the Brenham and Bryan campuses, Blinn’s Associate of Applied Science in Web Programming covers web design, computer and web programming, the fundamentals of networking technologies, information technology security, and system analysis and design. During the final semester, students participate in a computer systems networking and telecommunications internship.

Students have the opportunity earn a 9-credit-hour occupational skills award and two web programming certificates as they progress toward their 60-credit-hour Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Web Programming. Wellmann’s goal is to graduate with her AAS in 2025, and she is particularly looking forward to a career that will allow her to work remotely.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “I’ll have more flexibility to live my life. I’m trying to talk my fiancé into doing something like this too so we can both work remotely.”

Upon earning her degree, Wellmann will be qualified for a career as a web developer or digital designer. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions earned a median salary of $80,730 per year in 2022.

“For me, it’s been very exciting,” Wellmann said. “It’s definitely not an easy program, but I think it will be a very rewarding degree. I think that once you get that degree there are going to be a lot of opportunities and you’re going to be able to work wherever you want to. If it’s something you’re interested in, I would highly recommend checking out the program.”

To learn more about Blinn’s Web Programming Program, please visit

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