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Blinn livestock judging places third at highly competitive North American International Livestock Exposition

Kinsey Gardner is seventh high individual

November 15, 2023

Blinn College’s livestock judging team placed third at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky., which proved to be one of the most tightly contested competitions in recent memory.

“This was an extremely hard-fought contest,” said Adrian Austin, assistant coach. “Only three points divided the top four teams overall, which is almost unheard of in a contest where 5,000 total points are possible for a team. I am proud of our team for how they continue to put their best foot forward every time they compete.”

Blinn totaled 4,598 points in Monday’s contest, three points behind Butler Community College’s 4,601 and one behind second-place Black Hawk East College. Blinn and Redlands Community College each totaled 4,598 points, but Blinn was awarded third place overall based on its higher point total in reasons.

Blinn was the champion team in sheep and placed third in cattle and reasons.

For Blinn, Kinsey Gardner was seventh high individual overall, placing ninth in reasons and 10 th in cattle. Weston Hinze was 17th high individual, finishing eighth in reasons and eighth in sheep. Devyn Gaff was the high individual in breeding sheep, third in performance swine, seventh in sheep, and ninth in cattle.

Blinn has three first-place finishes, three second-place finishes, and two third--place finishes at its eight contests this year. At the recent Southern Stockman contest recently at Texas Tech University (team competitions are not held), Blinn College livestock judging had seven of the top 10 individuals.

Blinn’s final competition for 2023 will be at the Griswold Cattle Classic on Dec. 15 in Stillwater, Okla.

Blinn’s Agricultural Sciences Program has one of the most active extracurricular programs in the state, including livestock judging, Agriculture Club, wildlife, agriculture mechanics, and horticulture. Blinn offers agriculture classes on all its campuses, with the W.J. “Bill” Rankin Agricultural Complex on the Brenham Campus serving as the program’s hub.

To learn more about Blinn’s Agricultural Sciences Program and the livestock judging team, visit

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