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Blinn College Foundation establishes endowed scholarship in honor of Stylecraft Builders

Company has been the underwriter of Blinn Foundation’s Clay Shootout the past three years

Company has been the underwriter of Blinn Foundation’s Clay Shootout the past three years

August 25, 2023

Stylecraft Builders has been honored for its support of the Blinn College Clay Shootout.

The Blinn Foundation has established a $15,000 endowed scholarship in honor of Stylecraft, a major underwriter of the Shootout for the last three years. Hosted by the Blinn College Alumni and Friends and Buccaneer Alumni Lettermen associations, the Shootout raises funds to support Blinn and its students through academic scholarships, financial support for Blinn athletics, and other programs.

“This is a huge honor,” said Doug French, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stylecraft Builders. “I’m a huge believer in all things Blinn College. I’m a product of Blinn. I went there and it prepared me so well for going to Texas A&M and getting my undergraduate degree, then going to Baylor University to get my master’s. Blinn really set me up for a ton of success.

“This endowed scholarship is something we can use for our team members – if their kids want to go to school or if they want to go back to school.”

French attended the Blinn-Bryan Campus from 2002-04.

Nathan Van Noord, President of the Blinn Alumni and Friends Association, said Stylecraft has been a staunch supporter of the Shootout.

“Establishing an endowed scholarship in honor of Stylecraft is a way that we can say thank you for all the support it has shown to Blinn,” Van Noord said. “Without supporters like Stylecraft, we wouldn’t be able to help so many students achieve their career goals.”

Nancy Berry, Chair of the Blinn Foundation Board of Directors, said, “The Foundation is so fortunate to have wonderful supporters like Stylecraft, which has stepped forward to be the underwriter for our Clay Shootout for several years. We truly appreciate what they do.”

The Blinn Foundation is a tax-exempt organization that provides financial support for programs and activities that enhance the quality of education for Blinn students and expand educational opportunities. It also looks to heighten community awareness of the mission and accomplishments of the college and to promote excellence in education.

The Foundation oversees more than 300 endowed scholarships.

Endowed scholarships are available to incoming and returning students from a wide range of backgrounds, majors, and experiences. Students are considered based on high academic achievement, participation in student activities, and community involvement.

Current high school and college students can apply for Blinn scholarships by completing the application at Prior to applying for scholarships, students must complete their application for admission to Blinn College at

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