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Blinn Board of Trustees approves new tuition and fee rates for 2021-22

Trustees receive preliminary Spring enrollment report, establish Star of the Republic Museum Advisory Committee

March 9, 2021

The Blinn College District Board of Trustees approved new tuition and fee rates for the 2021-22 academic year during its regular meeting Tuesday.

The board authorized a $2 per credit hour increase in tuition and general fees for all students. On average, student housing and meal plan rates increased 2%. Under the new tuition rates, in-district residents will pay $59, out-of-district Texas residents will pay $117, and out-of-state/foreign students will pay $276 per credit hour. The general fee will be $72 per credit hour.

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s, out-of-district Blinn students taking 30 credit hours during the upcoming academic year would save 42.4% in tuition and fees compared to the 2020-21 tuition and fee rate at the average statewide university.

In other business, the board was presented with a preliminary report showing that Blinn enrolled 15,306 students for the Spring 16-week, 12-week, first 8-week, and first 4-week terms. Final Spring semester enrollment data will not be available until enrollment can be certified for all parts of terms.

Blinn’s preliminary Spring 2021 figures, which do not include upcoming 8-week and 4-week terms, include:

  • 5,335 Bryan Campus students;
  • 4,343 Blinn online students,
  • 2,284 RELLIS Campus students;
  • 1,631 high school dual credit students;
  • 1,533 Brenham Campus students;
  • 60 Schulenburg Campus students;
  • and 24 Sealy Campus students.

Blinn’s certified enrollment for all Spring 2020 terms to date was 17,076 students.

Blinn’s 2020-21 Winter Minimester enrollment was 1,953 students, down from 2,160 students the previous year.

The board also approved the establishment of the Star of the Republic Museum Advisory Committee. During the 86th Texas Legislative Session, Senate Bill 2309 transferred operations of the Star of the Republic Museum from Blinn to the Texas Historical Commission. Under the bill, Blinn will continue to serve as the educational partner for the museum. The Star of the Republic Museum Advisory Committee will promote the museum’s educational and public awareness programs in cooperation with the Texas Historical Commission while assisting in coordinating programs, events, and other matters related to the educational aspects of the museum. Committee members are appointed by the Blinn Board of Trustees and serve two-year terms.

In other action, the board accepted a certification of unopposed candidates and adopted an order of cancellation for the May 1 board election. The board also authorized the College to:

  • negotiate and execute a contract for the purchase of information technology and audio-visual equipment for the science, technology, engineering, and innovation building currently being constructed on the Brenham Campus;
  • negotiate and execute contracts for the relocation of the football fieldhouse functions to other campus facilities, allowing for the demolition of the fieldhouse and updates to the Spencer field block;
  • and negotiate and execute contracts for fire alarm upgrades at the Brenham and Bryan campuses.

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