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How Blinn College transfers are bolstering their resumes

Students who have completed 60 credit hours - including 15 at Blinn – can apply for reverse transfer online

February 27, 2024

As a poultry science major at Texas A&M University, Landon Urban already had a strong resume in hand when he applied for his internship with Purina Feed Mill in St. Joseph, Mo.

It was made even stronger when the former Blinn College student received his Associate of Science in Agriculture from Blinn, even though he had long since transferred to Texas A&M. The process, referred to as “reverse transfer,” allowed Urban to apply credits earned at Texas A&M toward his Blinn degree without taking any additional classes. With his associate degree in hand, Urban was selected for the internship.

“As a reverse transfer student, I was able to strengthen my resume,” Urban said. “The process was simple.”

Across the State of Texas, Urban and hundreds of other students enrolled at four-year universities are earning their associate degrees from Blinn College, even months or years after they took their last course at Blinn.

To be eligible for reverse transfer, students must have taken at least 15 credit hours at Blinn, meet current degree requirements, and have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours, including coursework at their transfer institution. To check their eligibility, students can email or call 979-830-4174.

Eligible students may receive their degree with the next graduating class. If additional coursework is required, Blinn will inform the students which courses are needed to complete the degree.

“I encourage anyone who has attended Blinn to look over their transcripts and apply for graduation,” Graduation Manager Kristi Reddoch said. “Sometimes life happens and students may not be able to earn their bachelor’s degree quite yet, but they may already have earned their associate and just didn’t know it. An associate degree is a great addition to any resume, regardless of a student’s education or career background.”

Students may apply for reverse transfer by completing the Reverse Transfer Application available at

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