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The Blinn College District offers a variety of courses that provide the skills many job seekers need to thrive in the modern business environment. These courses range from computer basics and customer service to leadership skills for supervisors and social media for small business owners.


Brenham (A.W. Hodde, Jr. Technical Education Center):
Address: 2910 S. Blue Bell Rd., Brenham, TX 77833
Phone: 979-830-4443

Bryan and RELLIS:
Address: 301 Post Office St., Bryan, TX 77805
Phone: 979-209-7205

Address: 100 Ranger Dr., Schulenburg, TX 78956
Phone: 979-743-5237

Interested in a course, but it currently isn’t offered in your community? Contact us at and we may be able to schedule a course near you soon!

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Business and Technology Courses

Available in Schulenburg

The Basic Computer Series covers beginning computers, keyboarding and selected Microsoft Office programs. This hands-on course is designed for beginners or those looking to brush up on skills for a new job or promotion, and is ideal for those returning to school or starting a business from home. $25 per course.

Available in Brenham

This 8-hour course provides an overview of electronic spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. Upon completion, students understand what spreadsheets are and how they are useful, and learn to set up labels, create and copy formulas, and make changes to a spreadsheet. $100.

Available in Brenham

This 8-hour course teaches the fundamentals of using Microsoft Word, and teaches students to create documents and to type letters. $100.

Available in Brenham

This 48-hour course will cover basic and intermediate hardware and software, keyboarding, resume writing, online job searching, and a review of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite. Students will participate in lecture and hands-on learning activities to better understand computers. Blinn will supply all materials as a class set. $400.

Available in Brenham

This 40-hour course teaches critical fundamentals of leadership, including time management, personnel management, and internal and external motivation. $550.

Available in Brenham

This 7-hour course provides an introduction to the basics of customer service with an emphasis on enhancing customer relation skills, building rapport with customers, and improving communication. Students learn to respond to customer requirements and to handle difficult situations. $125.

Available in Brenham

This 20-hour leadership development course focuses specifically on workplace delegation. This course covers the delegation process with practical exercises and proactive theory that can easily be implemented in the workplace. $230.

Available in Brenham and Bryan

This nine-hour course covers the various roles of the supervisor, how to deal with performance issues, how and when to delegate, effective communication of expectations, and various leadership styles. $150.

Available in Schulenburg

Modern small business owners know that social media is no longer optional. This course provides an overview of the most popular social media platforms, helps small business owners decide which are best for their businesses, and provides real-life examples and practical first steps to help launch an effective social media presence. Price TBA.


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