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Request a Library Session

  • Please submit one form for all sections of the same course. If you are teaching two different courses (for example, ENGL 1301 & ENGL 1302) submit one form for all of your ENGL 1301 sections, and a separate form for your ENGL 1302 sections.
  • Sessions are normally held in the library. If you would like to request that the session take place somewhere other than the library, please specify the location in the Additional Instructions section of the form.
  • Instructors are required to accompany their students to sessions scheduled during class time.
  • Submitting this form only sends your request preferences to a library staff member. You will be contacted within 24-72 hours to verify that your sessions have been scheduled.

View the current Library Instruction Calendar for Brenham, Schulenburg, and Sealy.

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Type of Session

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Course Information

Preferred Date and Time

Section Number Preferred Date Alternate Date Begin Time End Time Number of Students

NOTE: All information above is required for each class requested. Please submit your request at least one week prior to class date.

Additional Instructions: Please list any additional preferences, including resources, concepts, or topics you would like presented to your class in the session. Also, please briefly describe any class assignments requiring library research.